Men’s Hats for All Occasions

Fashionably top off your wardrobe. We’ve curated a collection of men’s hats from distinguished brands like Kangol, Bailey, Goorin, Barmah, Magill, Coal and Brixton. Browse beanies, bucket hats, fedoras, and more. Don’t forget—we ship across Canada.

Greater Vancouver’s finest collection of men’s hats

Something is dashing about a man in a hat. We’re not limited to just Women’s hats. We also have a varied selection of hats made just for men. Shop now and check out our brands and styles.

Selection of Men’s Hats

Our selection of men’s hats is just as full and varied as our women’s collection. To be more accommodating for our manly patrons, our hats come in a wide selection of styles and colours to suit any occasion, formal or casual. Regardless of whether you’re a habitual hat wearer or not, we are positive that between our driving caps, trendy fedoras, traditional bowlers and top hats, and several other styles, we will be able to find you an exceptional hat to enhance your look.

The Best Brands

Men can wear hats, too. Transforming your outfit can be as simple as adding a stylish hat. We carry only the finest brands like Kangol, Bailey, Goorin, Barmah, Magill, Coal and Brixton, so you’ll always be in vogue. 

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