Hats On for the Holidays

Unique and practical hats make a much better gift than a pair of socks—check out the trend-setting styles this winter and tick a few people off your list.

For men and women, hats in the winter mean staying cozy and chic. Who doesn’t love a wardrobe staple that can be effortlessly refreshed every season? From a beautiful breezy summer fedora to a dreamy wool beret, hats make it easy to express signature style. Best of all, they’re an elegant gift during the holidays.

For the fall/winter of 2022-23, designers have gone vintage with a bit of a twist. Think lovely colours and shapes incorporated into stylish, practical, and purposeful headwear. After all, the primary function of winter hats is to keep warm and dry. If your family is full of hattitude, these styles will surely be a hit. 



The beret never truly goes out of style, but thanks to brands like Francesca Liberatore, this style is taking the winter by storm. Updated styles may feature a bit of beading or a punch of vibrant colour, like Bill Classic Beret by Canadian Hat. Styled in pure 100% wool felt, it comes in an array of eye-catching colours like gold and green.



Always an instant classic, revised styles for this winter feature chunkier silhouettes and vibrant shades. One of the top sellers is a cuffed classic from Brixton—the Heist Beanie. For men and women, these beanies effortlessly cozy up any wardrobe while retaining the straightforward, informal, warm, helpful attitude that has distinguished these hats as a Canadian classic. Bonus—they flawlessly fit inside any Christmas stocking!

Bucket Hat


The Bucket Hat has dominated the style chart for decades. Why not? There’s nothing better for hiding a bad hair day. Updated buckets are appearing across the runways this season in surprising materials and colours while staying true to the feminine form that defines the bucket. One style heating up Canadian wardrobes is the Green Tweeds Avery Bucket Hat by Canadian hatmakers Lillie and Cohoe. Enjoy tweed texture and a medium brim that can be flipped up or down.



Brands like Erdem and Francesca Liberatore reinterpreted vintage designs from the 1920s. The bell-shaped cloche, in particular, made a comeback and fanning the flames of our Parisian love this season is the ultra-feminine  Willow by Canadian Hat. For lovers of old-timey glamour, Willow is hard to beat, especially when crafted with warm, water-resistant wool. 



Recognized as a men’s hat classic—but also made for women—the Messer Fedora is an icon in its own right. Crafted in cruelty-free wool felt, the Messer fedora for men and women features a light stiffness with a subtle pinch and teardrop crease. Adjustable Velcro on the inner sweatband allows the wearer to customize the fit for flawless head fashion that looks great from every angle.

Roxann’s Hats—Canada’s Biggest Little Hat Store


This guide to gorgeous hats for men and women is just a taste of what’s available for holiday gifting. At Roxann’s of Fort Langley, you’ll find all the latest styles—with new ones added all the time. Whether it’s French-inspired, wide-brimmed, or sleek and trim, these styles are crafted from glorious winter wool and felts, carefully curated from ateliers across Canada and around the globe.