Introducing Magill—Stunning Men’s Hats for All Seasons

In the market for a genuinely unique topper? If so, the Canadian team at Magill Hats should be on your radar. Established back in 1895 by Isidor Magill, this family-run hat store leverages four generations of experience to create modernized headwear steeped in craftsmanship and history. 

Part of what makes Magill’s Hats so unique is that they manufacture all hats onsite at their Montreal-based factory. Their workshop is filled with artisans who love what they do and take pride in working on every cap and hat, which ranges from high-fashion fedoras sported by celebrity A-listers to everyday hats for men and women.

As a hat store in Fort Langley, we have chosen to stock Magill Hats for over 20 years. True to their legacy, their style is timeless, driven by impeccable detail and craftsmanship. A Magill’s hat will go through more than 25 sets of hands before it’s complete, and much of the finishing is done with legacy equipment—the kind that’s not around anymore. It’s a unique touch that gives these hats unparalleled beauty and brings distinction to a family-owned company, crafting robust pieces for the Canadian climate.

As our hat store begins receiving stock for the winter season—three favourites from Magill have really caught attention: the Toronto Pork Pie, Prime 411, and Nappa 418. 

Toronto Pork Pie

A recurring cameo on Breaking Bad contributed to the Pork Pie’s comeback, but this hat has been a fashion staple since the 19th century. The Pork Pie features a cylindrical crown and pinched flat top that resembles a particular pastry. For a classy, modern aesthetic, Magill reinterpreted the Toronto Pork Pie in warm Rabbit Furrfelt, with a stringy 1 5/8 brim with a beautiful satin lining. Finished with a premium roan leather sweatband, it’s a handsome staple for hat lovers with an artistically aligned aesthetic. 

Prime 411

For someone who loves rocking casual shirts and jeans, the inspired styling of this reinterpreted duckbill cap makes Prime 411 a perfect fit. Named for its shape, which resembles a duck’s bill, Prime 411 features a distinctive curved peak and a contemporary, slim silhouette suitable for men and women. To make it a formidable match for the Canadian winter, Magill’s version is crafted from 100% virgin wool and lined with satin. Suede accents provide a polished yet informal look. And for those extra chilly days, retractable earmuffs protect an extra layer of protection.

Nappa 418

Streamlined and sophisticated in colours like cognac, black, and brown, Nappa 418 is inspired by the flat cap. Originally a working man’s hat, the flat cap may have come from humble roots, but there is nothing unsophisticated about this stiff-brimmed rounded cap! Made from suede and lined with satin for extra warmth, it seamlessly elevates the smart casual wardrobe.

For Men's Hats in Vancouver & Fort Langley


For men and women, hats have established themselves as an evergreen accessory. We are proud to partner with Magill’s Hats to provide these stylish, versatile, functional hats that add a whimsical twist to any wardrobe while keeping wearers warm and dry. For casual, classy, or eclectic hats, Roxann’s of Fort Langley stocks the styles you need. We ship across North America—and one of our hat specialists will be happy to find the perfect face-framing design for you or a loved one.