Stylish Men’s and Women’s Hats to Keep Cozy in Vancouver this Fall

The fall season is made for layering—sweaters, scarves, and don't forget the hats. This year, men's and women's hats in Vancouver have really come into the spotlight, rightfully so, in our opinion. Seasonal accessories add some flair to autumn outfits and keep you warm and cozy, too.

As our fall inventory comes in—we've gathered up some of our favourite men's and women's hats. From classic felted wool fedoras, cute baseball caps, lightweight fall beanies, and the ever-popular bucket hat, the newest styles offer greater value, adding valuable mix-and-match versatility to your wardrobe without updating everything.

Women's Hat - Canadian Hat Cesara Ormos

Toques are this season's IT hat! Stay warm and toasty with the classic charm of European boiled wool, elevated with a lovely floral appliqué in Canadian Hat's Cesara Ormos. Available in shades of coffee, black, and red, this pillbox-style soft, full beanie is feminine for extra warmth on chilly days. Handcrafted in Montreal, it's a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

Men's Hat – Bailey Winters Fedora

Fedoras have been in style for over 100 years. While typically considered a men's hat, some types look great on anyone. The Winters Fedora is a Bailey classic that's streamlined and masculine with a classic center dent crown fedora and a long snap brim. Crafted with Bailey's Elite Finish body and woven from some of the finest wool available, it is finished with a Japanese grosgrain band, fully lined, and features a delicate woven sweatband for a snug, personalized fit.

Women's Hat - Johanna Felt Hats

We like big hats, and we cannot lie. The Johanna Felt Hat by Brixton comes in an array of colours we love—silver pine, khaki, black, and caramel. It's the perfect accent to a glamorous fall trench. Lightweight enough to wear in the sun and stylish enough to dress up, Johanna features a simple grosgrain ribbon that contrasts one of Brixton's most beloved silhouettes. Crafted in cruelty-free felt and fitted with an adjustable strap in the interior sweatband, this hat is an effortless attention-getter.

Men's Hat - Kangol Bermuda Bucket

Strictly speaking, bucket hats work for men and women, but we just love the angles on this hat for someone looking to infuse a bit of street in their style. The Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat keeps your ears covered as the fall breezes roll in. It's crafted in Kangol's proprietary, textured material that got the brand featured in InStyle Magazine and Elle Online! Always comfortable and ultra-fresh for bucket hat lovers.

Women's Hat - Canadian Hat Clodette

The cloche is basically a bucket hat that's dressed up. This round, fully collapsible cloche is a pack-away classic that travels with ease. Crafted in Montreal from a wool blend, Canadian Hat Clodette is warm—but not sweat-inducing! Choose from classic colours like charcoal, green, and black to dress up a fall outfit with comfortable elegance.

Men's Hat - Brixton Oath III Snapback

For Vancouver's mild autumn weather, the cap never goes out of style, and Brixton's Oath III Snapback makes for a flattering and durable daily option. Made from acrylic and wool, it's dressier than canvas or cotton. Featuring a structured six-panel shape and medium profile that brings casual ease to fall fashion.

Women’s Hat - Olena Zylak Stripped Doppelzagger 427 Toque

We couldn't end our list without a toque, which is almost as Canadian as maple syrup! Olena Zylak Stripped Doppelzagger is a subtle and sophisticated women's toque crafted for staying cozy. Crafted in a stunning tri-colour, the toque features a wide zigzag texture and iridescent natural shell buttons. Enjoy the feeling of toasty natural fibres like mohair and merino on this dressy toque, handcrafted in Collingwood, ON.

Men's Hat / Unisex – Harbor Beanie

Designed for year-round warmth, the Harbor Beanie comes in gorgeous shades like mustard, Black, and Washed Navy. Its tight, 1X1 knit works for warmth and is a feature of this fisherman-inspired style, which includes a folded cuff finished with a woven label. Made from acrylic for high durability!

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