Stylish Men's Hats for 2024

Discover elegance and style. At Roxann's Hats of Fort Langley, we've curated a selection of the finest men's hats from local ateliers and worldwide.

When it comes to the well-dressed man, few accessories match the distinction of the hat. Hats speak to personal style and sophistication. With spring fashion already underway, we wanted to look at major hat trends for men in 2024. 

It seems fashion in 2024 eschews a combination of individuality and wearability. For men’s hats, the emerging trends from major fashion houses have been to add some kind of twist to classic silhouettes for supremely wearable styles that exude tons of personality. If you're a style connoisseur out for the latest headwear, we've got the styles and brands to suit your taste. Here are three brands we predict will be significant for men's hats in 2024.

Goorin Bros.

In 1895, Goorin Bros began with a horse-drawn cart in Pittsburgh where Cassel Goorin sold hats on the street. Some 50 years later, Goorin's fedoras, flat caps, and trucker styles moved to a retail collection. It's a streetwear staple today, combining classic styles with playful designs that offer something a bit different. One of our top pics for Goorin Bros is the Jacked Trucker Hat—a classic trucker with beautiful details that eschew a modern attitude. 


Another seasonal favourite comes from Brixton. For those new to hat fashion, Brixton's whole brand started with one iconic style: a vintage newsboy hat. Brixton has since evolved into a label inspired by the past—made for the present. It's a favourite among hat lovers for its vintage-inspired styles, including full brims, newsboys, and baseball caps. One of faves this year is the Hooligan Snap Cap, which delivers an iconic profile in sophisticated colours like khaki or mojave/navy.

Kangol Bucket Hats

For those seeking out street style, the bucket hat from Kangol remains a cultural touchstone. No '90s-inspired hip-hop outfit was truly complete without a Kangol bucket hat. Kangol cemented its place in culture by getting the rights to produce all of the hats for The Beatles in the sixties, with the eighties hip-hop affiliation further securing its legacy. With fresh textures and colours, Kangol's Bermuda Bucket Hat lends its fresh vibe to any outfit.  

Men’s Hats for 2024

At Roxann’s Hats of Fort Langley, we have styles for men and women. We hope this sneak peek into some of the biggest brands of 2024 has offered some insight into the exceptional pieces you can add to your wardrobe. At Roxann's Hats, we handpicked styles that exude class and craftsmanship. Drop by our store to view our full selection of hats for men and women.