The Best Sumer Hats for Men in 2024

Looking for the classic hat with a vacation vibe? You've got a lot of choices. Our store is full of beautiful summer stock—straw hats, baseball caps, bucket hats, fedoras, trucker hats, Panama hats, and more—we know shopping for men's hats can get a touch overwhelming. Pro tip—summer hats are about protection, and the best ones are comfortable, lightweight, and, most importantly, shield the eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. Here are five picks for the summery best men's hats for summer 2024.

Ranchero by 3 Regions

Strictly speaking, this one is gender-neutral, but the handsome features of the Ranchero have made it one of our all-time seasonal favourites for men! Light and breezy, this stunner is traditionally handwoven from a palm-like plant called Paja toquilla. For fans of the slow fashion movement, this hat is everything! A significant amount of work, skill, and sustainable straw has gone into each hat. Made by weavers of Montecristi, creators of some of the world's finest hats, including the famous Panama!

Logan by Wallaroo

For people serious about sun protection, it's hard to do better than the Logan by Wallaroo. Why? Wallaroo's UPF 50+ fabric blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet rays, according to the Australian Radiation Protection Agency. Throw in a wide brim for long treks in the hot sun, a chin strap for windy mountain peaks, and a contrasting weave for stylish afternoons—and you've got a men's hat perfect for everything from golf and hikes to afternoons in the hammock.

Bailey Cutler Fedora by Bailey

Another genuine Panama hat—the Bailey Cutler is handwoven in Ecuador and finished in America. Like the best summer staples, the Cutler is an easy to wear Grad Crown shape with a 2 7/8" pre-snap brim. Perfect for the traditional man of style.

Berle Fedora

Looking for a summer topper that's uplifting and a little bit fun? The Berle Fedora is every man's perfect summer hat. A bright dual-coloured stripe band trims the light and airy Toyo Crochet braid. Crown venting keeps hot heads cool while the crown dent and medium-short turn-up brim is flattering on every face shape. 

Animal Hats by Goorin

Keep on truckin! Goorin's roots go back to 2003 Pennsylvania. Known for its spin on working-class cool, Goorin's Animal Hats feature is the iconic snapback trucker cap with a curved brim. Finished with a soft cotton twill sweatband for added comfort. Choose from Black Sheep, Bandit, Buck Fever, Cash Cow, and Butch.

Roxann's Hats of Fort Langley

We've heard it said there are few distinct summer hats for men. While it's true that the classic shapes have been around for ages, variations in design, weave, fabrics, and texture have resulted in beautiful, innovative hats. Dress up your summer wardrobe with elegant hats that offer style and sun protection!