Timeless Hat Etiquette

Did you know there’s a long and complex history around hat etiquette? It’s true. Hat manners can be a great way to make a subtle yet sophisticated impression. It can also be a beautiful expression of culture and respect. If you’re ready to brush up on your hat etiquette, we put together some thoughtful tips.

History and Hat Etiquette

The etiquette of hat-wearing has been around almost as long as the fashion itself! Royal knights used to remove their helmets or lift their visors in the presence of royalty, both as a sign of respect and to self-identify as an ally. 

Forward to the eighteenth century, men would take off their hats in church, at the workplace, or in the presence of a lady. Ladies were usually exempt from this “hatiquette,” but attitudes have evolved. Today, the rules apply to everyone. Understanding the wheres and hows exudes a stylish sophistication. 

Men’s Hat Etiquette

In most cases, removing a hat in private spaces is considered a mark of manners and goodwill from the stylish gentleman. Removing a hat isn’t always necessary, but consider it in spaces including:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Home spaces
  • Theatres
  • Places of worship (unless head covering is part of religious practice)

Removing a hat when an anthem is sung, during a funeral procession, or when the flag is lowered or raised is considered excellent manners.

Women’s Hat Etiquette

Many of the same rules of hat etiquette apply to women, with some notable exceptions. There is a difference between hats worn for warmth and fashion accessories. Fashion hats are considered part of an outfit—like an accessory.

Thicker toques, rain hats, and clothing worn for warmth should be removed indoors, like a coat. Unisex hats, like baseball caps, should also be removed indoors, at a religious service, when the anthem is played, etc. 

Both men and women should remove hats in a theatre. Being mindful and considerate of those around you is a great habit everyone will appreciate. Remember that hat customs can vary due to culture, practice, religious beliefs, or even medical conditions. A cancer patient managing hair loss would be exempt from most rules.

Hat fashion remains a fantastic way to express unique personal style. Understanding hat etiquette brings an extra layer of sophistication to a timeless accessory. Whether it’s a stylish women’s hat for a wedding or a beautiful daily-wear men’s hat, the team at Roxann’s can find a hat that meets your needs and preferences, including options like cruelty-free fabrics, extra UV protection, or light and comfy warmth.

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