Making the Bucket Hat a Fashion Staple in 2023

Buckets of fun. When most people think of the bucket hat, they associate it with the youth-driven cultural revolution of the swingin' sixties. Today it's back as a staple on the best-dressed heads of Gen Z. 

Of course, the bucket's history goes back much further than the sixties. It was once a worker's cap, protecting fishermen and farmers from the sun and rain with its streamlined, short-brimmed design. As part of Irish tradition, the bucket hat shares a history with other delightful inventions, including colour photography, Guinness, and potato chips. As a Langley hat store, the bucket hat sits firmly at the top of our list. It is one of the most iconic and beloved hats in history—a style that has successfully transcended its utilitarian roots and transformed itself into a fashion accessory crowing the fashion world in 2023.

As a diverse style, it works for all genders, mainly thanks to designers who have riffed on the bucket with surprising structures, fabrics, and forms—we're looking at you, Prada—to psychedelic, eye-catching styles embraced by the likes of Rhianna and Gigi Hadid. If you're wondering where the bucket hat will go in 2023? It's time to look a-head.    

Kangol Tie Dye Bucket Hat for Men

The Tie Dye Bucket Hat is a staple in the Kangol collection. This classic bucket hat features a fun, lightweight design of 100% cotton with a flat crown and a 2 3/8" wide brim for all-around protection from the sun. It's available in unique colour combinations, making it a festival favourite for spring and summer wear. There's a hidden stash pocket for storage, and the bucket hat is easy to fold and tuck when you're on the go or travelling. 

Parkhurst Reversible Bucket Hat for Women

A fun, reversible print with a classic never-out-of-style shape. The Reversible Bali Bucket Hat is your travel BFF, folding effortlessly into suitcases and carry-ons. It throws shade in all the right ways while embracing heads in a soft cottony comfort. With two distinct prints and an adjustable fit, the Bali Bucket Hat is ready to go where you do. 

Kangol Tropic Casual Bucket Hat for Everyone

The Kangol Tropic Casual ironically captures the casual bell shape of the bucket. This is a hat for club nights and beach parties—an effortless wardrobe addition for a breezy, relaxed vibe blended from a comfy poly-acrylic, so you always feel as great as you look. 

Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat for Everyone

Featured in InStyle and Elle Online! The Bermuda Bucket Hat by Kangol puts a refreshing twist on the bucket with a textured terry finish. The comfortable, fresh style with a flat crown has earned it street credibility, and we love Kangol's cute kangaroo logo.

Bucket Hats in Langley and Vancouver 


Once again, bucket hats are fast making a name for themselves as the season's must-have accessory. Today's styles are urban, shifting from street fashion to fresh, youthful styles that everyone can enjoy. Bucket hats are easy to wear, complimenting all face shapes. They work with various outfits and offer protection from the sun, so they're functional, too! Visit Roxann's Hats of Fort Langley to see our latest collection of bucket hats and all our other face-flattering styles.