Introducing Kangol Hats

Street style continues to be the overarching aesthetic of Gen Z fashion. Keeping up with the bucket hat trend in recent summer wardrobes, Kangol Hats are modern-day designs with deep roots in the streetwear scene.

The signature style of the Kangol Hat has graced influencers and celebrities, including notable hip-hop artists, starting with LL Cool J in the 1980s. As Kangol keeps reinventing itself, their latest designs pay homage to the golden age of hip-hop with classics like the Kangol White Bermuda Bucket. If you're ready to get your head in the bucket game, we've got a few bestsellers you're going to love: 

Kangol Hats: The Bermuda Casual Bucket 

Featured in taste-making fashion publications such as Highsnobiety and Elle Germany, the Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat comes in an array of bold colours like lemon sorbet and warm apricot. Crafted in sift Bermuda fabric, this hat is soft-to-the-touch and an effortless complement to many outfits.

Kangol Hats: Tropic Casual Bucket 

This spring and summer bucket hat is known for its iconic casual bell shape. Crafted with Tropic Yarn— Kangol's Tropical Casual Bucket blends polyester and acrylic for durability and style with comfort and softness.

Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat

Stylish versatility defines the Bermuda Bucket Hat, which features a proprietary, textured material that got it featured in InStyle Magazine and Elle Online! Achieve ultra-style that's comfortable and fresh thanks to the terry-like Bermuda texture finished with the kangaroo embroidered logo.

The History of Kangol Bucket Hats and Beyond

Kangol was founded by Jakob Henryk Spreiregen, a Polish-born Jewish man who emigrated to England in 1915; the brand began manufacturing hats in London. Becoming popular for its basque berets imported from France, it didn't take on the name Kangol until 1930, when Spreiregen coined the name by combining the K for "knitting," ANG for "Angora" (a kind of wool), and OL for "wool." 

Kangol started expanding soon after, and, with the help of Spreiregen's nephews, factories opened in England's Frizington and Carlisle. Kangol eventually began appearing in the US. After gracing the head of LL Cool J, who was well known for his slick head gear, countless folks flocked to cop the style, including other well-known rappers like Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, and Missy Elliott. The Brooklyn hip-hop group UTFO even had a member named Kangol Kid.

Today Kangol continues to produce a wide range of headwear that crosses generations and cultures. Beyond hip-hop and heritage, Kangol represents a cultural fusion of fashion, taking the very best of British heritage and retro hip-hop and mixing it with modern trends that appeal to new generations without discarding, abandoning or alienating its original fanbase. 

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