Men’s Hats for Big Heads in 2024

Does the size of your melon make it hard to find hats? At Roxann's Hats of Fort Langley, we carry men's hats (and women's, too) in all sizes!

Finding suitable headwear isn't always easy when carrying a large cranium. However, we know protection and warmth are essential for everyone! Whether it's a trucker style, fedora, or beanie, we can help you find a hat that will comfortably accommodate your head and provide a stylish twist to your wardrobe. 


  • A hat is a statement of style and should enhance the visual dynamics of your appearance.
  • The right hat brings a harmonious balance to your features.
  • Tiny hats may look out of place.
  • The right hat enhances personal style, seamlessly blends with different outfits, and elevates your overall look.
  • By paying attention to sizes, we can ensure that the hat perfectly matches you, offering comfort and making a stylish statement.

Here are a few brands we recommend to accommodate spectacular, plus-sized noggins.

Gottmann Monaco K-G 1438194


Embrace all-season comfort with Göttmann's chic yet casual Monaco KG. This winter ballcap style hat is super versatile, adding an elegant, sporty look to any cozy outfit. Featuring a round 6-panel crown, Monaco offers a water-repellent warmth, with inside-folding earmuffs for those extra cold- days and a visor to help shield the head and face from harmful UV! Available in stylish black and charcoal in XXL sizes!

3 Regions Bolero

Even big heads can still enjoy the finer accessories in life. Available in large sizes, the 3 Regions Bolero is hand-woven by artisan families using natural paja toquilla. This material breathes. Better yet, the lightweight construction will keep you cool (and protected) during summer.

Brixton Regal Snapback

Made from acrylic wool, the Linwood MP Snapback is a durable option for every day of the week. Featuring a merrowed-edge embroidered patch, plastic snap, and curved bill, it has all the makings of a wardrobe staple.

Other Popular Hats for Big Heads

Consider brim size when hat shopping. This isn't just about protection and practicality; the size and shape of the brim will alter how it frames your features. That's why we often recommend brimmed hats for people with larger heads. Styles to consider, apart from what we suggested above, are Fedoras and Westerns.

Buying Considerations

Remember, size is the most critical factor when shopping for the best hat for a mighty melon. Start by measuring your head's circumference using a tailor's tape. Measure just above the eyebrows and ears. Many hat manufacturers provide size charts that correlate head circumference with hat sizes.

In a pinch, look for hats with adjustable features, such as straps or snaps--they should also be made from stretchy fabrics! These elements can enhance fit and accommodate different variations in head shape and size.

Call  604-882-8077 if you'd like us to recommend a brand that corresponds to your measurements to ensure a comfortable fit. We deliver across North America, and we're always happy to talk—but don't get a swollen head.