Men’s Fedora Vs Flat Cap: Clash of the Fall Icons

At Roxann's Hats of Langley, we offer an outstanding selection of men's hats. As the fashion world evolves, often in unexpected directions, men's headwear has remained timeless and iconic. Two hats we feel have best weathered the test of time are the fedora hat and flat cap. As distinct pieces of headwear full of fall flavour, we have the scoop on which will work best with your style.

Features of the Fedora Men's Hat


Today, the modern fedora displays two key characteristics:

  • A brim of two inches or wider
  • A center-crease crown style, like a teardrop, diamond, or telescope crown

As a truly timeless men's style, the fedora tends to be a dressier option. It is associated with silver-screen icons like Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart. As outerwear, the fedora oozes sophistication and elegance. With its pinched crown and wide brim that partially covers the face, it holds an element of mystery and has been embraced by contemporary actors like Cillian Murphy, whose Oppenheimer fedora recently sent popularity soaring.

Features of the Flat Cap


Originating in Northern England, features of the modern flat cap include:

  • Rounded cap with a small, stiff brim 
  • Tweed, plain wool, or cotton construction, with some leather, linen, or corduroy options

The flat cap is all about casual style, which is fitting since it was once considered a working hat. With origins dating as far back as the 14th century, it's associated with windswept moors and rural settings. Rather unsurprisingly, it has remained a style embodying a rugged masculine charm, making it perfect for picnics or a drive through the country.

When to Wear


As a dress hat, fedoras are appropriate for formal occasions--weddings, funerals, business meetings, etc. The flat cap is a style better suited to relaxed events or outings. Throw it on for a wine tour or sunset sojourn. Depending on the material and composition, you can dress flat caps up or down. It comes down to your taste and preferred style.

Favourite Fedoras


Wesley Fedora Unisex Hat

Gracing the best-dressed heads this fall, the Wesley Fedora is a polished take on the classic Fedora. Crafted in a lightly structured, cruelty-free felt and finished with a leather band, this hat looks as good at the office as it does on date night. 

Magill Kelowna Hat

Your next fall-season go-to—Magill's Kelowna Fedora is a stiff, 100% Australian wool hat that contains a Velcro adjustable sweatband that delivers the perfect fit! Satin-lined for elegance and added comfort, Kelowna is a unisex classic that looks great on both men and women.

Brixton Messer Fedora

A fall icon in its own right, Brixton's Messer Fedora is a timeless design cast in cruelty-free felt. It offers structure thanks to a light stiffness with a subtle pinch and teardrop crease. Customize your fit with an adjustable Velcro strap under the inner sweatband. As one of the fall's most versatile styles and tons of fantastic colour options, this hat holds endless style possibilities.

Fabulous Fall Flat Caps


Hatman of Ireland Donegal Tweed Patch Flat Cap

A traditional Irish Flat Cap made from 100% Tweed, the Donegal Tweed Patch Flat Cap for men comes in a distinct array of beautiful colours inspired by the Irish Countryside. Handcrafted from woollen yarns woven by master weavers, Donegal offers warmth, durability, and a timeless class.

Bailey's Slater Cap

Top off any fall outfit with the sophistication of Bailey's Slater Cap style. As a beautiful men's hat constructed from lightweight fabric, this five-panel wonder is one of the comfiest hats in our store. You might not even realize you're wearing it! Made from durable 100% polyester with a practical 2" peak brim, it provides shade from the sun and rain.

Gottmann Jackson K Multi-Colour Plaid Cap

The Jackson K Multi-Colour Plaid Cap is part of our handmade collection. Crafted from fine wool indicative of Gottman's craftmanship and 80 years of German design, this cap is the perfect fit for someone with the highest quality standards and features premium finishes, including UV protection, waterproof fabric, and a breathable GORE-TEX® membrane for warmth and comfort.

Other Considerations for Men's Hats in Vancouver


  • Face shape - If you have a thin face, a fedora may make it appear wider, adding balance. Caps add softness to a square face and jaw.
  • Personal style - For a more formal, classic look, a fedora may be your best choice. However, modern, casual styles are best elevated by the flat cap.
  • Comfort - Both hats are comfortable when worn and fitted correctly. For warmth, either hat is a great choice, especially when constructed with a premium material like wool or felt.

Looking for the perfect men's hat in Vancouver this fall? Then, we invite you to visit Roxann's Hats. Based in historic Fort Langley, we're a family-owned business that's been in the hat business for over 20 years, curating a collection of styles crafted from around the globe. We'll be happy to find a style you're sure to fall for—at the drop of a hat.